Alysa & Ronald | Wedding Portraits | Florida

When you think of love, you typically don’t think: math class!

But for Alysa and Ron, that’s where it all began. She was a sophomore, he was a junior. It was the last class of the day— probability and statistics. 90 percent of the time neither of them paid much attention; while he was sleeping, she was busy playing with his hair.

So what’s the probability that these kids from math class would become soulmates? ? For them...100%

Alysa and Ron are two of the coolest, most down to earth people we’ve ever met. Even before picking up our cameras, we knew they were going to be a special couple. After a few ice breaker shots—and falling out of a tree— our presumptions were confirmed.

They self-describe as “crazy, unpredictable, cute, and spontaneous,” and we couldn’t agree more!

They’re the couple you just want to be friends with!

Ron’s spontaneity is simply infectious. He seems willing to do virtually anything, and when you combine it with Alysa’s vibrant spirit it just feels fun and adventurous.

We couldn't help but laugh when they told us about their spontaneous trips, like the time they decided on a random Wednesday to just pick up their things and make their way to Colorado, spending the night in a Denny's parking lot and having "breakfast in bed" in the morning. Or when Ron revealed to us that he's NEVER been on an airplane despite all the traveling they've done. After we got over our initial shock and asked the daring question, "WHY?!" His response was as dauntless as his is, "The first time I jump in a plane, I want to jump out of it!" —skydiving.

During their session, we had a blast. In between the collective laughter, random iguana sightings, and the much needed water breaks, they made our hearts melt.

The way these two love each other, it’s truly something! Whether it was holding her dress as we trekked through the garden, or picking a flower to place in her beautiful burgundy hair, Ron constantly reminded us that chivalry isn’t dead—especially after being married a whole 5 days!

Alysa and Ron, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to photograph this special milestone. It was truly a pleasure; and we can’t wait to continue accompanying you on your adventures as husband and wife.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorite moments from the session!

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