Nidia & Fernando | Mommy & Me | Florida

Warm hugs, gentle kisses, and endless laughter. Where would we be without our moms? Growing up, she’s our first best friend. She’s the person you run to when you’re hurt, scared, or simply not in the mood to deal with anyone else. In her arms, you just know, you’re safe.

Just before Mother’s Day, we had the delightful opportunity to photograph a dynamic duo: Nidia and Fernando.

Let’s just say it isn’t easy being a three year old—or chasing after one for that matter—but at the end of the day, we had a blast just being apart of Nidia and Fernando’s mommy and me play date.

During the session we found ourselves rolling down hills, sliding down slides, and occasionally being tickle monsters—you know, anything for the shot.

In between making friends on the play ground, and wheeling around his adorable Mario book bag, Fernando reminded us what it’s like to be a toddler again!

How can we really describe Fernando?

Initially, he’s shy. Then...he’s shy! But once you finally crack him, and a smile finally emerges, it’s heart melting!

He’s kind, he’s sweet, and he’s like any other kid with his mommy: territorial. When he grabs her face to kiss her, you know it’s HIS MOMMY and his mommy alone.

When he laughs, Nidia’s eyes light up.

When he cries, she’s there to comfort him.

It’s a remarkable relationship; a love so genuine and pure! What’s also pretty nifty is that he’s retro. Like his mom, he enjoys the classics like pac man and super Mario—and that’s pretty cool in our book!

Nidia and Fernando, thank you so much. We enjoyed tagging along on your mommy and me date. After spending time with the two of you, we see that there is nothing as sweet as a mothers love, and as innocent and healing as a child’s soul!

Hope you enjoy your images as much as we enjoy the two of you!

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