Mikilyia | Birthday | Florida

She’s the girl you can count on to be the life of the party. She dances to the beat of her own drum—and she’s only 12 years old!

What’s even better than Mikilyia’s personality is the fact that she’s got an incredible drive! From cheerleading, to track, there isn’t a sport she can’t do.

Mikilyia manages to participate in numerous extracurricular activities while being an honor roll student.

During our session, it rained — but not on our parade!

The weather was gray and gloomy, but Mikilyia’s colorful personality made the day bright and sunny!

With some quick thinking, a little creativity, and the most amazing subjects, we created an on location studio!

When we added a little music, a handful of confetti, and 12 balloons (that inevitably led to a spontaneous ballon fight), we felt nothing but love and fun in the atmosphere.

Even in between shots, she was smiling and dancing. We caught her and her entourage jamming out to the latest hits, and cheering each other on when they thought they were alone.

Their youthful energy must have brought out the sun because within a flash we were able to move the party to more scenic areas.

Her interaction with her mother was no different. Photographing them together was so much fun because they bond like two best friends. You can tell she’s the apple of her mother’s eye. They joke around, they dance, and they have almost the exact same smile!

One of the best things about our job, as photographers, is that we get to truly have fun on a daily basis while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy birthday, Mikilyia! We know you have a very bright future ahead of you.