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Newborn baby on a shelf by Brooks & Davis Photography

One baby, two loving first time parents, and two incredible grandparents. We all know the expression “it takes a village to raise a child,” but what no one ever told us was how beautiful that village looks from the outside.

Recently, we had the pleasure of photographing one of the most adorable little angels; a one-month-old princess named Jaelyn (JJ). She slept so peacefully during our session, and gave us so many great micro expressions that just melted our hearts.

But funny enough, what we enjoyed the most about her session was that the entire experience was so rich in love and support.

From Jaelyn’s two protective dogs, Launa and Kota, who often compete with one another to protect her, to the ongoing family debate as to which sports team she’s allowed to represent ...it was the little behind the scenes moments that really fueled our creativity. Moments you don’t necessarily plan for, but make the experience THAT much more personal— like when grandpa walked in with a pitcher full of freshly trimmed roses from the garden; or when grandma came downstairs with some of JJ’s books and toys.

In an indescribable second, we were reminded that we were in a warm and loving home.

A home where teamwork truly makes the dream work. As dad fed and burped his little bundle of joy, mom was ready to handle diaper duty. Neither of them could gush enough about their beautiful creation. Madi (mom) couldn’t have been more in love, telling us that her favorite part of this journey was seeing Jaelyn’s smile everyday.

Though Madi and Nick knew of each other in middle school, it wasn’t until high school that Cupid (disguised as a mutual friend) would force them to truly see each other.

They began dating on Christmas Eve 2014....and, well, let’s just say nearly 4 years later, they haven’t looked back.

Jaelyn, we just want to say that you’re one lucky girl. At only one month old, you have so much love and support around you.

And to the family, thank you so much for not only letting us into your home, but for touching our hearts. We couldn’t have imagined a better setting for this particular milestone. It was truly a pleasure; and we look forward to being your life-long family photographers.

Here’s a look at our favorite images. We hope you enjoy.

Newborn photography by Brooks & Davis Photography

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