Kaliya's 1st Birthday: A Sweet Celebration

1st Birthday Family Photo by Brooks And Davis Photography

She sat innocently. Almost skeptical to touch it. After all, It's not every day you get to just dig into cake....but a helpful hand from mom, got the job done. In no time, she went from slowly snacking to chowing down! On September 12th, Sira and Roshan’s lives got a little sweeter. Their baby girl, Kaliya, turned a year old and we were lucky enough to be there! As photographers, we’re always excited to pick up our cameras and capture the moment. But, when we were asked to photograph Kaliya, ON HER ACTUAL BIRTHDAY....we weren’t just excited; we were jumping for joy! See, we met Kaliya when she was just a wee little 5 month old baby. She wasn’t quite sitting up yet, but, Brittney and I fell in love with her precious little smile, and her suuuuper loving family! In just 7 months, we went on an online journey with her family and we became a part of their lives—Okay, that sounds kinda creepy...but that’s the best way to explain it. Because we live in a world that connects us digitally, we were there for her major “firsts”: her first hair cut, her first couple of teeth, and her first steps— four whole days before her 1st birthday. Now, just because we knew all about Kaliya, didn’t mean she remembered anything about us . When we started the session, she was actually kinda shy. She was clinging to her dad's shoulder. But once she cracked that contagious smile, and the room was filled with laughter, there was no stopping our fun! We sang, we danced, and then... we did it all again. It cracked us up that while we were making silly faces and jumping up and down...she was sometimes more entertained by her cute little shoes and the balloons—but that’s okay. We eventually managed to get her attention by using her balloon obsession to our advantage. And then, came the present. Playing with her present, she would tease us with a couple of short steps. The room would cheer...and then... she decided, “Nah, I’m gonna crawl instead.” We serenaded her, blew out the candles, and it was finally time to dig in---or so we thought. While she wasn’t sure what to do at first, it didn't take her long to repaint the floor with chunks of cake. The shots were just delightful, and the icing on top was the fact that mom made that delicious piece of art that was now a mess! When the session was over, we got into our car, took a deep breath... and acknowledged how truly blessed we are: we had a great session, with a warm and loving family. Here are our favorite shots that capture just how sweet the whole experience was. Happy Birthday again Kaliya, we’re so happy to be apart of your life.

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