Brooks & Davis Photography: Our Story

Hi, friend!

You’ve met Nick, you’ve met Brittney.... now it’s time to meet Brooks & Davis.

We work in an industry where a lot of photography duos are married, or romantically involved...but, that’s not the case for us!

Our story starts almost 5 years ago with two young people, who came from two completely different backgrounds. We had never met before, but we both wanted to find our niche in the world of photography.

What better place to make that happen than a portrait studio?!

Sounds like the backstory for a perfect romcom right?! Well, grab your popcorn because it’s about to get better....

Working side by side in a high volume portrait studio, we grew personally and professionally, together. We went from learning how to professionally pose various subjects, to managing our own studios where we’d eventually host seminars to share what we learned with others.

Naturally, a friendship developed. We started talking more, realizing we had as much in common as we did in differences. We had a group of amazing co-workers that soon became friends. We started going out to eat, having game nights, and just enjoying our company as a group of like-minded individuals.

It took a lot for us to get to the point of starting our own business. Partly because we both overthink EVERYTHING. Lol. If you’re like us, you know the bottomless pit that can get you in sometimes. The great thing about the courtship of our friendship, is that pep talks became our norm. We developed a system of backing each other down from the ledge of self doubt and self worth. So, when days came up that one of us were feeling, “there’s no way we could make this work,” the other would immediately start giving all the reasons it would.

We believe bad jokes are great ice breakers.

We believe you can never have enough Starbucks.

But, most importantly, we believe that our friendship is the foundation of our business, and our mutual love for photography and our clients is the heartbeat.

So, when we created Brooks & Davis Photography, we envisioned an atmosphere where we’d be more than just your photographers. We want to be there for the milestones, and tell your story. We want to be your friends.

We’ve done the corporate photography life, and while we rock at it... that’s just not for us. We want to create a meaningful experience . One that’s enjoyable from beginning to end, because it’s the process of creating that’s memorable.

When you become part of the Brooks and Davis family, we want you to know that you’re a part of a community. It fulfills us to know that we preserve moments in time that might otherwise be forgotten. Moments that will live on for generations to come.


There’s no such thing as too much love; so if we aren’t connected already, what are you waiting for?!?

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