South Florida Family Holiday Session

The Christmas tree was fluffed, the ornaments were hung, and the hand-picked pinecones were carefully placed on set.

Nestled between two walking trails and a plethora of trees, would have been where we photographed our first session of the holiday season.

Let’s just say Murphy’s law happened. we say here at Brooks & Davis, “when the universe clearly has other plans for us, we just have to adapt and overcome”.

Rather than harping on the negative, we were determined to overcome hurdle after hurdle. We stopped for a second and realized “we have a beautiful family in front of us, and a perfect Florida ‘fall’ day. What more do we need to do our job?!”

What happened after, was simply amazing:

We found inspiration in the middle of a PARKING LOT!

Yep! You read that right. In the middle of a parking lot, surrounded by cars, we found the perfect backdrop.

It happened when we looked up, and saw Camden, our cute little toddler, playing with his puppies.

The wind was blowing, the family was ready, and the lighting was just right!

We prepared our cameras...and the rest was history.

We may say this all the time, but we can’t emphasize it enough: WE HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS EVER!!

Even though we may have had a rough start, we got some really great shots that we couldn’t wait to edit and share.

To Vanessa, William, Camden, Bailey & Marley, we thank you sooo much for sticking it out with us. Thanks for putting your trust into us. Thank you for keeping positive even when the world seemed to be against us.

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed taking them. We will cherish this experience with you for years to come.