Palm Beach Island Dance

We started our day, bright and early, in front of the iconic Palm Beach Clock Tower. The air was crisp, the sun was just peaking out from behind the clouds, and the waves were crashing on the shore.

Oh boy!  What can we even say about this session, and this special little girl?!

First off, let us just say, that somehow, someway, every time we photograph this young dancer, we get struck with luck.

The photo gods seem to reward us every session with some incredibly cool story you just can’t make up. Last year, during our Summer/ Easter shoot, we had a picture perfect experience. While shooting, we ran into some incredible people that allowed us to use their sailboat to create our vision.

This year, it was a totally new location but the same great luck. While casually doing our thing, we ended up running into with an adorable poodle named Milo and got a Jordan Matters meets Palm Beach-esque photo, and we got to meet a great Palm Beach Officer who so kindly offered to let us take a few pictures of Maddy on his Motorcycle while she sported her cute leotard from Kandi Kouture!

Our story with Maddy began when she was just 18 months old; that’s when Brittney first met her, photographing her with her favorite stuffed animals and bribing her with M&M’s.  (Who are we kidding?! That’s still the only way to her heart!).  To think that she’s now six years old…it brings us to tears.  If there are a few things you need to know about Maddy, it’s that she’s like a sour patch kid; she can be sassy and oh so sweet at the same time!  She gives the best hugs in the world (but only after a running start), and she is a ball of love.

Maddy, thank you so much for dancing your way into our lives. Thank you for being so patient, yet spunky as we dragged you around Palm Beach. Keep dancing, stay sweet, and keep up the great work in school. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

And Rachel, we don’t really have words to express our gratitude for you. We hope you already know how much you mean to us, but in case you don’t, we just want to formally thank you for all that you do. 

We have so much love and respect for you. You’re one heck of a mom, and we love how you love. Thank you for being there from the start of Brooks and Davis Photography, and thank you especially for being the friend we can count on to let us hijack their kid for a couple hours!  :p

Enjoy this sneak peek of some of our favorites from this session!!

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