Beachside Engagement | Jupiter, Florida | Brooks & Davis Photography

We couldn’t have asked for a better day; the air was cool and crisp, the birds were chirping, and the sun was peaking out just enough to warm our bodies and our souls.

“What a relief,” we thought to ourselves.

Rain was in the forecast all week leading up to the shoot, but the photo gods decided to bless us with the perfect fall feeling weekend — fall as you can get in Florida lol.

Sure, the usual butterflies fluttered in our stomachs as we waited for our couple to arrive; but somehow, we knew this was going to be an engagement session we'd never forget.

It’s hard to talk about Breanna & Erik without smiling. They’re the kind of people that you meet up with for two minutes and you instantly feel relaxed. Their chill, down-to-earth personalities made us feel comfortable asking them to do literally anything--even if that meant getting soaked by the crashing waves!

Their love and happiness is simply infectious, and they embody everything that we adore. We feel so fortunate that we were able to witness the funny, light hearted and whimsical side of two people blissfully in love.

Breanna & Erik, it goes without saying that we love you so much. We’re already looking forward to watching your journey down the aisle, and we’re excited to cheer you on into a lifetime of matrimony. Until then, we hope these photos will serve as a celebration of this current season of your life; and we hope you never lose the passion you have for one another.