Camden's 2 Year Old Birthday Portraits

WOW, it's crazy how time flies by! Not long ago, he was just a little bundle of joy cradled in your arms. Now, he's running, jumping, swimming, and even learning Spanish?!

It is absolutely insane how much they change in such a short amount of time. If we feel this way as photographers---we can only imagine how precious this time must be for you as parents!

We've said it a million times before, but one of the best things about our job is that we get to be a part of so many special moments. As lovers of love, it really warms our hearts when we are entrusted with capturing milestones, such as these birthday portraits. We know we aren't just preserving a memory, or capturing a fleeting moment; you're allowing us into your lives.

Seeing you annually for Christmas photos, and watching your family grow from 4 to 5 has truly been an honor. We know that your fur babies were your first babies, but adding a little human to the bunch makes it all the more sweet! Here are some of our absolute favorite images from the session. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

As always, it was such a pleasure working with you. We cant wait to see you again!

Sincerely, Nick Brooks & Brittney Davis


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