Dancing Through Life with Alexander Thomas| Westchester Country Club | Sweet 16| Milestone| Florida

The music buzzed in the background as guest arrived at the Westchester Country Club. Group by group, they stepped out of their cars, and entered the suit and tie celebration.

As they walked down the red carpet, and posed for the camera, they were no longer in South Florida; they were transported to "A Night in New York City."

Black, red, and subtle accents of gold painted the scene.

As the ballroom filled with family and friends, hugs and laughter set the stage.The music slowly intensified. EVERYTHING, from the personalized City Decor and Big Apple centerpieces, to the two delicately crafted cakes, came together in unison to represent and showcase the birthday boy's passion for dance and performance.

When the clock struck seven, the lights went dim. The double doors opened, and it was time to begin. When we first met the Thomas Family, we knew we were in for a fun event. At the time, it was just us and mom and dad. But being in their home, seeing their beautifully hung family portraits, and listening to mom talk about the kids, we immediately felt a sense of family togetherness--especially when grandma stopped by to say hello!

We were told how important dance was to the family, and we knew the birthday boy (Alex) was a dancer; but seeing him and his friends dance through the night was truly something spectacular!

Seemingly out of nowhere, the dance-floor was cleared and Alex and his court performed a beautifully choreographed number.

Between the plies, rond de jambes, and all the other amazing dance moves-- we won’t even attempt to spell--we got a taste of Alex's dance repertoire. We would say we were surprised at his diverse talent, but this year alone, Alex has had title wins for Teen Mister Candance 2019, Teen Mr Dance Eductators of America (DEA), and Teen Mr. Broadway

He has been accepted into numerous Dance Programs including: The Boston Ballet School's Summer Dance Program, The Ailey School's Summer intensive, The American Ballet Theater (ABT) Summer Intensive, and the New York City Dance Alliance's (NYCDA) Winter Intensive at Juilliard.

In addition, he's already won NYCDA's "Outstanding Dancer Scholarship", a $2,000 "LA Rising Star Scholarship", scholarships to Boston Ballet School, ABT, NYCDA Nationals, and has been invited to attend Ticket to Broadway's Circle of Stars with a $500 Scholarship to Nationals.

So, it's safe to say the boy can dance! Alex has a very bright future ahead of him, and the sky is seriously the limit!

Thomas Family, thank you so much for allowing us into your lives. It was such a pleasure being a part of this special milestone! We love how warm and loving you are as a family unit. As lovers of love, it warms our hearts to see how Alex, Adrian and Gabby interact with one another. We adore the fact that each and everyone of you got down on the dance floor and danced the night away!

Oh, and Alex, Happy birthday again! At only 16 years old, you have quite the resume! We're keeping our eyes on you because we know you're destined for great things!


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