Dreams of Flying | International Travel

Friends, do you remember any childhood dreams?! It’s Nick here, and boy do I remember mine.

Growing up in Jamaica...I had what you would call... BIG aspirations!

While most boys dreamt about cars, pirates, and spaceships, that was never me. I wanted to fly and see the world.

My grandmother, to this day, laughs about my “active imagination." Some of her favorite memories of me involve my many adventures around her house— all of which I was chasing or missing a flight.

With my iconic blue suitcase in hand, I was always on the go!

Somedays, I'd disappear for hours because I "missed my plane from Montego Bay and had to walk all the way home to Kingston."

On rainy days, I crafted passports and boarding passes out of scrap pieces of paper; and I wouldn't shut up about the people and places I imagined visiting.

When I was 5 years old, I finally got the opportunity to fly on an airplane! It wasn't the most pleasant experience (the turbulence scared the heck out of me), but it was still incredible. My eyes were practically glued to the window as we flew above the Caribbean sea and into the clouds.

A few years later, my family and I migrated to Florida... and somehow those childhood adventures faded. The older I grew, the more "practical" I became; like with many things, my dreams eventually got left behind —-or so I thought.

Out of nowhere, and just in time for my 25th birthday, the little boy who dreamed of seeing the world resurfaced.

I booked a ticket and hopped on an 8 hour flight: this time, across the Atlantic!

The people and places were no longer in my imagination, I was able to spend my day climbing the Tour de Eiffel (Eiffel Tower), photographing some incredible people, and getting serenaded in the metro.

Consuming the incredible French food, and exploring the Catalonian streets, I made a promise to myself: this will be the first of many adventures to come. From now on, I’m going to chase after those “crazy” dreams.