Festive Family & First Birthday Portraits | Royal Palm Beach, Florida

IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO RAIN—buuuuut, spoiler alert...it did.

If you've read any of our recent blogs, then it probably sounds like the story of our lives, right? We plan and we plan, and then SOMEHOW Mother Nature decides to change her mind on us.

The day started out beautiful. The sun was tucked behind a few puffy clouds, we had the park to ourselves, and to top it all off, it wasn’t hot! It was really a perfect morning for a shoot.

Shanae, Luis & baby Jasper arrived, ready to go in their first outfit. We were thrilled to see them again! Not only had Brittney gone to school with Shanae, but just last year, we had the pleasure to do jaspers newborn photos!

Between the kisses and smiles, the love and the laughter, his first birthday photos flew by.

Then, in between outfit changes, there was a single rain drop.

“Hmm, that’s weird," we thought to ourselves.

Then came another...and... another?!?

The sky opened up! Down came the rain, and we found ourselves running for cover again.

“It wasn’t supposed to rain! “ we exclaimed.

Rather than letting it wash away the fun, we did what we do best: adapt and overcome.

Gotta say it one more time, we firmly believe we have the best clients imaginable! Shanae Luis, and baby Jasper, you were incredible. Thank you for allowing us, year after year, to be apart of your lives. We can't believe Jasper is one already!