Intimate Blended Family Wedding | Boca Raton, Florida

Jerry and Katriina's first date was... well... not ideal. Jerry had car troubles, so he showed up late and sweaty. He was super nervous, and he kept asking if she was having a good time.

It landed him in the dreaded friend zone... or so they thought.

With the help of Katriinas mom and sister, and Jerry just being his kind-hearted self, months later, they found themselves on a second date.

Spoiler alert: it went MUCH BETTER! Who knew Duffy’s could be so romantic?!

From running around the venue (making sure Jerry was kept out sight) to capturing wholesome moments, we loved every minute of their blended family wedding at Maggianos Little Italy, Boca Raton.

We appreciated the small, intimate details of the day like the unity sand ceremony, the speeches, and of course, their family photos hung on display.

Katriina and Jerry, we love you two so much! You and your guests made us feel like family for the day. It was an honor witnessing your two families become one.

We were touched by your vows to one another, moved by your vows to the children....and just when we thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, we melted when Katriina began to sing!

Your wedding left us with a craving for smaller, more intimate gatherings. It’s families like yours, who radiate love, warmth, and faith, that remind us we’re exactly where we're meant to be.

Thank you Katriina, Jerry, Braden, Elina, Elliot and Eli. Your journey as a family has just begun, and like the sand in your unity vase, you are now forever entwined.


The Creative Team

Venue | Maggiano's Little Italy

Dress | David's Bridal

Cake | Publix

Catering | Maggiano's Little Italy

DJ | Jayson Escalona