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In a matter of minutes, the room that was just filled with laughter, music, and chatter, was brought to a halt. Everyone’s attention shifted to the very edge of the dance floor where something even more intimate was about to happen—Speeches! You know that proverb: “Show me your friends, I’ll tell you who you are?”

Well....being a part of Torika & Arthur’s big day, we saw more than just their friends; we met the people they cherish the most, and they gave us new meaning to that adage. One by one, various members of their family and friends took over the microphone. As they spoke, some brought the newlyweds to tears, some made us all laugh, and one even sang! It was a moment like no other, and as storytellers, we knew immediately that this was where we wanted to start telling their story; the split second where all of our interactions, all of the tiny little moments came together as one. We saw them not only as our newly found friends, Torika & Arthur, but two selfless individuals who now joined as one.

We first sat down with Torika in August, six months before her big day. As we chatted and laughed with one another, the wedding day seemed so far away. Arthur wasn’t able to attend our meeting due to work, but we were never the less super excited because they were one of our two fantastic 2018 engagement giveaway winners. We’ll never forget Torika’s response when asked to describe her relationship. She took a moment to truly give our question some thought. We could visually see her love for him radiate in her micro-expressions. We watched her warm, beautiful smile transition into a small laugh— she blushed, quickly contained her composure, and replied “well, we’re just...we’re goofy!”

Looking back at the months that followed, we learned that they are so much more than that!

Yes, they ARE goofy—especially when together, but what we experienced on our journey to their wedding day was that they’re really familial and loving. They've been together for so long that their families have already become one. Collectively, they are respected role models. They both live their lives uplifting and inspiring others.

Throughout the speeches, there was this reoccurring theme that Torika and "Tiger" (Arthur's nickname) bring out the best in not only one another, but in so many of the people they surround themselves with.

Tiger, like many of our favorite grooms, is really laid back. He may seem a bit quiet at first, but once you get to know him, you realize he has that charming "guy next door" personality where you can just sit and talk with him. Which is even better when you realize they actually met each other by living next door! He goes with the flow of things, and knows how to make his lady smile.

Torika is the homemaker; it’s the little things she does that make her so loved. She finds happiness in giving. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves hard. You could be in a room with her for five minutes and feel like you're at home. Oh! And don't get us started about how awesome her GIF game is --we absolutely love texting her!

They are truly meant for one another.

Torika & Arthur, we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your lives. We enjoyed every single moment with you, and we hope that you'll look back at these photographs and remember how special you two are. We wish nothing but the best for you guys!

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